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As TRIAJET we offer Helicopter, Ambulance Flight, Private Jet and Charter services with maximum security and Triajet comfort. Along with our experienced and educated staff, with our Supervision and Representation licenses we can follow and control each step in every operation we run for you and through that we make sure that you receive the best service possible without any interruptive problem. Our experience in Aviation plays a significant role on choosing the best flight for you and providing you with the best service possible. Charter services are the type of operations that needs great care and attention to details therefore we put great effort to provide our customers with the best price and service combination 7/24 to maximize customer satisfaction.

Helicopter Services

Most of our customers prefer our Helicopter services for sightseeing tours, transportation to remote locations, tour, video recordings or for photographing. You can have the best Helicopter services according to your will and need with Triajet privilege.

Ambulance Flight

Ambulance Flight services needs extra care therefore we provide our services with a staff& crew that is aware of the situation of the patient on board. According to the situation all in-flight needs are arranged before the flight and upon request we can also arrange airport-hospital transfers or assistance of a specialist during the flight.

Private Jet

Whether for a business trip or for another reason, once you charter one of our Private jets with our attention to service quality and our team that puts great effort to make you feel comfortable and special you will feel the privilege of Triajet. Fast track passport services and special terminal are also included in our Private Jet services.

Charter Services

Passenger Charter and Cargo Charter services are included in our Charter Services. We organize special Cargo flights according to your needs and will and we follow each step during the operation itself and make sure that necessary controls are made and while providing Passenger Charter operations we don’t get attached whether the flight is for long/short distance or to the passenger number and arrange the best flight with premium quality according to your needs and will.

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