Air Ambulance Charter

As Triajet within the scope of our charter flights services we offer Air Ambulance charter flight services through our licensed partners, to be used in survival or time-limited situations like an organ or patient transfer. Our team is highly experienced and sensitive to the situation of the patient on board and acts accordingly during the whole process and they work hard to provide a complete, safe, on-time and hassle-free Air Ambulance transfer considering the patient’s condition. Starting from pre-take off till the completion of the transfer of your patient, our team is there to provide you on anything you might need in each step towards the way.

Transferring with Air Ambulance within the scope of Charter Flight Services

The most important fact about Air Ambulance aircrafts is that they are capable of transfers for urgent cases since they are equipped with necessary medical equipment and experienced medical staff that is crucial to the emergency transfer and this way, they provide the means to a smooth and safe charter flight transfer in emergencies. Air Ambulances play a big role on providing a safe and controlled flight without risking the patient’s health and transferring the patient to the final destination, therefore we have included Air Ambulance charter flight in our Triajet charter flight services which we conduct through our licensed partners, to be there for you even in an emergency. 

As Triajet upon request, we can also arrange specialists for on board or airport-hospital ambulance transfer within the framework of our Air Ambulance charter flight services through our licensed partners and we also prepare everything that is needed and requested pre-flight to make sure we provide you a safe and uninterrupted Air Ambulance charter flight service through our licensed partners.

Once you confirm the transfer and the moment you complete the necessary documents we need regarding the transfer, we can prepare the Air Ambulance approximately in 2 hours ready for take-off in partnership with our licensed partners. The number of attendants is decided as either 1 or 2 based on transfer duration to ensure both the airplane’s and the patient’s safety and it is arranged accordingly in each charter flight. During the flight our team accompanies the patient and the attendant as in our other charter flight services. 

Prices and More Information on Charter Flight Services

Triajet provides Air Ambulance charter flight and transfer services through its licensed partners as fast as it can with maximum security. We care about the safety and more importantly the health of your patient and ensure it through our effective and qualified charter flight services concept.

To know more about our Air Ambulance charter flight services that we conduct through our licensed partners, you can contact us 24/7 and have safe transfers for your patients with Triajet standards.  

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