Aircraft Sales And Consultancy

Triajet can buy, operate and sell your aircrafts with its well experienced and educated staff, aircraft
consultancy is one of our services.
Buying a private jet is a highly complicated process ,it needs a professional consultancy , before buying a
private jet each analyses should be done properly and in a detailed way , reports must be in accordance
with the provisions of Civil Aviation Authorities, Triajet pays attention on all aspects of selected aircrafts
and prepares actual reports, so at the end private jet buyers can decide easily.

Triajet has excessive knowledge regarding business jet categories, with this advantage we can help you
while buying an aircraft but its not only this , we keep on operating your jet aircraft commercially and sell
it once you want it to be sold,

Triajet aims your Aircraft to become profitable so we charter your Private jet with your approval before
the flight in this way once you do not fly with your Private jet thanks to this method you can save your
Private jet’s Indirect and Direct operating costs such as annual maintenance, taxes, crew salaries.

Operating a private business jet has many subtitles, your aircraft’s technical maintenances ,
airworthiness certificate , aircraft registration certificate ,noise certificate , radio certificate , insurance
policies that are all followed, checked and approved by Civil aviation authorities and its required to have
a specialization therefore Triajet gives you the best service in a short time ,

The details to pay attention before buying a Private jet ;

Manufacturing year, model and technical feautres of private jet
Times Aircraft has flied since new ,Private jet’s each total pair number of Landing and Take off
Private jets documents should be flawless and completed
Private jet’s history whether it had any accident or incident
After decision of buying a Private jet Triajet completes all Aircraft documents , creates annual cost
reports and presents assessment of profitability.

Triajet has a worldwide marketing network opportunity in order to charter your aircrafts anytime this
way turns your aircraft into a profitable asset rather than being a burden for you as cost , each time your
private jet is on ground it means lose for you financially because your costs are constant as a matter of
this fact Triajet had better to charter it for you with a maximum market value ,we are highly responsible
to work with our customers together to get their approval before each charter flight request and we
share all flight details with owner of the aircraft. Every flights are operated within the certain agreement
signed before the flight , we report each flights weekly.

You can always get in touch with us for buying , operating or selling your private jets.

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