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At Triajet, we also offer passenger aircraft charter that is advantageous for bigger organizations with its passenger capacity. With passenger aircraft charter you can increase passenger capacity and enjoy a safe and comfortable flight and with passenger aircrafts such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, ATR and Antonov in our fleet, you can increase the passenger capacity to 300 and save both space and fuel while receiving a safe passenger aircraft charter service. Since the safety of our passenger aircraft charter operations and customer satisfaction is a priority for us here at Triajet, we supervise and control each step of every operation with our own crew. By receiving passenger aircraft charter services, you can be more comfortable with your business or large-scale trips. 

 As included in our passenger aircraft charter services, we can also re-design the passenger airplanes of your choosing with company logos for occasions such as business trips upon our customers’ request. 

Our Passenger Aircraft Fleet

Like our other aircraft charter services, we also put great effort to provide different passenger airplane options to our customers in our passenger aircraft charter services as well. With the passenger aircraft charter, we can create different opportunities and certain advantages to our customers. For example, Boeing 747 type passenger airplanes can be used as both passenger and cargo airplanes which makes them cost and fuel effective and again with Boeing 737/800 type passenger airplanes you can enjoy multifunctionality or with Airbus A320 type passenger airplanes you can make your trips more functional while being comfortable at the same time.  If you would like to know more about the passenger airplanes in our Triajet passenger aircraft charter services, you can always contact us and get professional help on obtaining the right aircraft that suits your needs the best.  

More Information on Services and Passenger Aircrafts

We prepare each of our passenger aircraft charter service offers based on our transparent price and service policy at Triajet. If you decide to enjoy our advantageous passenger aircraft charter services or to know more about our services in general, you can contact us 24/7 or get an offer via form on our website. 

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