Brand And Essentials

Our determination to succeed and our hard work are the keys to be the best in private jet charter
market, these are the essentials making us more valuable to reach our goals.

Our Mission

The most important part of our mission is to satisfy our passengers’ needs well and quickly with a good will and professionalism

We are perfectly aware of that providing your safety and pleasure are always beyond our profit. We know that in case of a problem if we provide best solution our path to success will be clearer

Our aim is unconditional customer satisfaction. To achieve that our power is our professional jet charter team which is well educated and responsible.

Our Vision

Triajet which was established in İstanbul Florya operates its private jet charters with professional
applications in İstanbul and all over Turkey without giving up quality and targets to keep on leadership in Air taxi sector.

Our guests unconditional satisfaction and our teams pleasure are always our priorities, on this way we care below items;

To accomplish our responsibilities in aviation sector especially air taxi and comply with global working values,
To create appropriate solutions in private jet charters
Always firstly focusing on private business jet passengers’ satisfaction,
To increase our market potential continuously

Our Values

Caring clients: We assure you that we certainly know respect against our clients and taking care of their pleasure is the main way to improve and to become a better company. Thus we should prove that we understand them well and find the best solutions in case of any need or problems, so our clients can see that we are always next to them, we care all requests, demands and complaints.

Determination to succeed: We desire to be the unique leader charter company in business jet sector therefore we keep working hard to be the aviation pioneer and we would like to create solutions that have never been thought before.

Honesty: Performance of Triajet depends on customers trust and company staff’s pleasure. Every work we do is based on honesty and transparency. With the help of this fact our customers always trust us and we trust them mutually.

With our talented staff we aim to offer best charter solutions for you. Our staff graduated from Anadolu University Civil Aviation Management department and worked in various departments of business jet companies in Turkey such as commercial and operational departments in İstanbul Atatürk Airport. For all your requests in and out of Turkey we are ready to meet your needs with a qualified and luxury service attitude.

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